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Product typeLCD

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Original form a complete set of quality, we are not afraidLapping manufacturing to casting products
1.2 million sets of annual production capacity, we are not afraid of competitionPowerful enterprise, four-fold reliable guarantee

1Price guaranteeIt has a 1000-square-meter 1000-level clean room, including a 100-square-meter R&D center. It is self-produced, and the manufacturer has direct supply of 0 links. The price is better.

2Quality AssuranceStrict testing and testing of screen quality, third-party testing laboratory testing after 3 times

3Strict quality inspectionEach of our screens is rigorously tested and shipped, ensuring stable quality, one pass, and successful screen change, so that consumers can rest assured

4Supply guaranteeWith more than 300 employees, 100 square meters of R & D (R&D) center, more than 10 R&D engineers and technicians, and 3 million sets of precision display modules per month. And increase monthly production capacity to 7 million sets