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All-in-one new HTC TyT

Author: Time:2019-03-09205 Viewed

(March 23, 2010, Beijing) today, nokia released China's first joint with China mobile identity mobile app store - MM - Ovi store. MM - with nokia Ovi store launch is China mobile as a new milestone in the strategic cooperation. At the same time, introduced and nokia's first built-in MM - Ovi store of td-scdma terminal nokia 6788 I. The Symbian system based mobile, the world first-class mobile solutions for domestic first td-scdma users.

"For nokia and China mobile, it is a landmark moment." Nokia's senior vice President of greater China, South Korea and Japan Liang Yu ms mei said: "it will not only on both sides of the cooperation to a new level, more represents a kind of brand-new business model, in bring more opportunities for the development of our partners at the same time, in order to approach to innovation will be more diverse and localization of a mobile application to Chinese users."

"We believe the MM - Ovi store launch will help to create a vibrant mobile application ecosystem, and thus is convenient for users, security, personalized custom services." China mobile's vice President Mr. Mr Li said: "we are glad to see that the development trend of the td-scdma users will be the first to benefit from."