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Classic and practical choice Samsung i90

Author: Time:2019-03-09201 Viewed

Smartphones while everyone loves, but high prices tend to be prohibitive. However, with the nokia 5230 series and so on all S60 touch-screen phones selling, also for other companies to see the low and mid-range smartphones broad market space, entry-level smartphones are introduced at the same time, also hope that through competitive pricing to grab more market. Recently, SONY Ericsson cairn wong, head of the Asia Pacific region (Hirokazu Ishizuka), said in an interview with the media all the company's new touch-screen phones XperiaX8 price will be lower than 200 euros, conversion into RMB 1700 yuan of less than, even the price of the Android mobile phone killer.

When, in fact, the SONY Ericsson Xperia by 8 in the release of positioning is very clear, is mainly used to fill the flag Xperia X10 and Xperia X10 mini between the blank, and hopes to middle-end Android phones. However, although the price is about twenty percent cheaper than the SONY Ericsson Xperia X10 mini, but this does not mean that the machine is also more inferior on the function, improve on the part of hardware configuration and functions. Such as the machine is equipped with a 3.0 -inch touch screen, the screen resolution will with other models, such as HTC Hero as HVGA (320 x 480 pixels) specifications, and lasted from Xperia X10 mini home page corners shortcuts and built-in Timescape function, can easily enter the different popular social network, and with infinite button button (universal intelligent search) will also be able to quickly contact the content of the world. However, some, unfortunately, the machine still does not provide a multi-touch function.