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Catching up with the milestone Motorola

Author: Time:2019-03-09216 Viewed

Android is a model of perfect combination of intelligence and ease of use, but now almost all the high-end smartphones, cameras were not given enough attention. The Android system itself also does not have the optimization of a picture link to do too much, the same problem also exists in music playback function.

But when it comes to pictures, just stay out of altek. Before T8680, A806 tough match has many brand camera phones rivals. Indeed, 12000000 megapixel camera, CCD sensor, optical zoom, these should not appear on a mobile phone components were entrusted with the brand-new definition. On the birth of Leo today, is understandable.

The Altek Leo more exaggeration is equipped with a 14000000 megapixel camera, is also a CCD sensor, xenon flash, have the ability to 3 x optical zoom and maximum distance of 36 mm, support 720 p video. But the most attractive is not its strong photo component configuration, but Leo will make the system operation, formal open sell upgrade to version 2.2 also not impossible

Other aspects, Altek Leo will carry a WVGA resolution screens, support wi-fi. Such a "carrot and stick" mobile phone, can sell how many money? Allegedly Leo will choose starting in Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China, the time for the fourth quarter of this year, is expected to cost about $499, or about 3409 yuan.